The Narragansett Pier School is fortunate to have an enrichment program available for all students in some way.  It is our hope that reading through these pages will bring focus and clarity to the enrichment program that we provide.

Our Goals

We believe that our school is a place for talent development for all students, therefore, we are working hard to achieve the goals listed below.  They are based on Joseph Renzulli's work on the "Schoolwide Enrichment Model" at the University of Connecticut.

Goal 1:  To develop the talent potentials of young people by (a) systematically assessing strengths, (b) providing enrichment opportunities, resources, and services to develop the strengths of all students, and (c) using a flexible approach to curricular differentiation and the use of school time.

Goal 2:  To improve the academic performance of all students and to blend into the standard curriculum activities that will engage students in meaningful and enjoyable learning.

Goal 3:  To promote continuous, reflective, growth-oriented professionalism on the parts of all school personnel.

The Enrichment Teacher

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The enrichment teacher's schedule is based on Renzulli's 3/5th model in which 3 parts of the day (or week) is dedicated to direct services to students and 2 parts of the day (or week) is dedicated to collaborative work with teachers and facilitation of program services.